liane and danny taran foundation


  • Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your wonderful artwork. Your photographs of natural surroundings add ambiance and beauty to our new offices. Having taken part in the planning, working with Danny Taran and Don Rubin was an enjoyable, pleasant and memorable experience. Thank you once again for your generosity. I find the pictures change the atmosphere of the office, making it more uplifting, calming but most of all welcoming to the staff and visitors. Please thank Danny for sharing his beautiful pictures with us.

    Maria Monaco
    Human Resources Management Consultant
    Jewish General Hospital

  • The art work that this Foundation has brought to our centre makes everyone instantly feel more valued. Immediately patients and staff feel this is a serious place, I am respected. When patients are burdened with illness every positive force helps. Thank you for this stunning positive force which contributes to our ability to work and our patients ability to cope.

    Dr. Michael Malus
    Chief of Department of Family Medicine
    Jewish General Hospital

  • For many years I have been associated with Herzel Health Center. At one time, I was President of its Board of Directors and now as a patient of one of their physicians. When I visited this week, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful photographs which adorn the walls. They brighten the premises beyond description, and in speaking to some the staff, everyone remarked on the difference the art has made to their working conditions. I felt compelled to write and thank you for your incredible contribution. What a wonderful way to share your great talent. I greatly admire your work but mainly your sensitive and generous deed. With genuine appreciation, I am,

    Sheila Zittrer
    Past-President of the Board of Directors
    Herzel Health Center

  • The Women's Care Center at the pavilion H has become lively after the addition of Taran's artworks on the wall. Our patients and the staff appreciate those beautiful pictures, and even now, I still stop in front of the images to admire these "still-life" arts. On behalf of the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, I express my gratitude to the Liane and Danny Taran Foundation.

    Togas Tulandi MD, MHCM
    Professor and Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology, JGH
    Milton Leong Chair in Reproductive Medicine
    McGill University

  • The numerous photographs, which Danny Taran generously donated to the Jewish General Hospital, adorn many hallways and treatment areas in various locales throughout the hospital. These large, framed photos -- featuring breathtaking panoramas, natural vistas, close-ups of flowers, and compelling portraits encourages life-affirming feelings of hope and optimism among cits patients to promote their physical healing and emotional well-being.

    Bernard Stotland
    FCA President
    Jewish General Hospital.

  • Our patients are absolutely “wowed” by these beautiful photographs! Emotionally soothing and relaxing, just looking at them makes any doctor’s appointment or treatment less anxiety provoking.  They are good for one’s soul! The photographs are also greatly appreciated by members of our staff. It's not often that a donor thinks of adding colour and glimpses of natural beauty to the daily lives of laboratory employees. But this is just what Mr. Taran has done for us and we're very grateful. His inspiring photos lift the spirit and add life to our department. In this kind of atmosphere, there's even greater motivation on our part to do our best on behalf of our patients.

    Dr. Elizabeth M. MacNamara
    Head of Department of Diagnostic Medicine
    Jewish General Hospital

  • What I have picked up from the photographs of the flowers and sceneries that you have donated for our department is the feeling of serenity and inner peace that I've experienced when taking a walk in the woods or simply being at the ocean side.  All of the photographs reflect a sense of calmness to anyone who looks at them and thus creates an environment of peace and tranquility for all who walk by. Thank you for sharing these treasures with us.

    Josie Trevisonno
    Administration Assistant, Department of Diagnostic Medicine
    Jewish General Hospital

  • The floral scenery in particular is very uplifting. The portrait of the Jazz Festival truly reflects the cosmopolitan flavor of the city. We do appreciate the pleasant ambience that these photos have brought to our workplace.

    Marcia McLean
    Employee in Department of Diagnostic Medicine
    Jewish General Hospital

  • The photographs are especially appreciated by in-patients who undergo surgical procedures. As the patient gets ready in the surgical room, he or she sits in a large operating chair and can look straight ahead at a colourful photograph of flowers. This has a wonderful, calming effect on the patient. It offers reassurance, as well as distraction, and keeps the patient from becoming nervous. Ultimately, this also helps those members of staff who perform the surgical procedure, because the patient is in a more relaxed frame of mind.

    Dr. Manish Khanna
    Department of Dermatology
    Jewish General Hospital

  • Thanks to Mr. Taran, who generously donated these beautiful framed photographs, the feeling of calmness pervades the Cardiology ward. The flowers, in particular, remind patients about the cycle of life and the fact that beauty and happiness continue to survive, even after a traumatic medical experience. This is a comment I've heard, not just from patients, but also from family members who come to visit.

    Magali Caddis
    Assistant Head Nurse, Department of Cardiology
    Jewish General Hospital

  • These photographs humanize the surroundings in a significant way. I remember one elderly gentleman who was in a somewhat confused state of mind. He happened to have a military background, and when he saw the portrait of the veteran with medals on his uniform, this gentleman immediately brightened up because he found an image he could connect with. The photos are a real celebration of life, because they help give patients the ability to cope in difficult times.

    Chantal Bellerose
    Nutritionist who frequently works with Cardiology patients
    Jewish General Hospital

  • The hospital walls are glowing with your photographs. They are uplifting to see and have changed the atmosphere immensely.

    Lillian Vineberg
    Member of the Users Committee of the Board of Directors
    of the Jewish General Hospital Board Of Directors.

  • On behalf of the Coles family, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Taran Foundation for supplying the Family Rooms of the ICU unit of the Jewish General Hospital, 3rd floor, with your beautiful photographs. Our mother was a patient in the ICU for six months, therefore, we spent a lot of time in these family rooms as well as the halls of the 3rd floor. The photographs were picturesque and exuded a warm, home feeling, making our "Home away from Home" a more enjoyable place to be, despite the circumstances of our visits. Please continue to support the families of ICU patients. It means more than you know. Thank you.

    Carrie-Ann Coles
    Daughter of an ICU patient
    Jewish General Hospital

  • A few weeks ago, my father had a heart attack in Montreal and was in the JGH for almost 3 weeks. We went to Montreal to see him and I noticed your photographs in the halls and in the rooms on the cardiac floor. This part of the hospital has not been renovated and is pretty dreary, but your photographs brightened the surroundings significantly.

    Brahm Levine
    Son of a Cardiology patient
    Jewish General Hospital

  • The artwork really makes a house feel like a home! Both the residents and their families often stop to admire and comment on the photographs.

    Ileen Katz
    B’Nai Brith Residence

  • When I stroll down the hallways, I stop to admire the artwork. It really does a lot to enhance the building.

    Reba Fishman
    B’Nai Brith Residence

  • I really love the bluebird photograph by my door. I am glad he is there.

    Sally Ebner
    B’Nai Brith Residence

  • The photographs that you have donated to the hospital are beautiful and make the hallways more lively and help lift spirits. Their presence improve my day. Thank you

    Mark Palayew MDCM FRCPC
    Assistant Professor McGill University
    Respiratory Diseases
    SMBD Jewish General Hospital

  • Danny Taran has the incredible ability to capture the beauty of our everyday surroundings. His phenomenal photographs grace our walls of the Radiation Oncology Division of the Jewish General Hospital making it a more inviting, soothing, and pleasant environment for our patients.

    Amanda Fuller
    Administrative Officer
    Radiation Oncology